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Company Culture
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With close cooperation and common development we work

together with our clients in our projects

our goal is to maximize the economic & social benefits

for our clients

 Address from the Board Chairman


Dear Esteemed Friends,

We are thrilled to announce that KRS Mining Equipment & Technologies has become a proud member of the Kanawaha International Holding Company, which is itself a subsidiary of The Baughan Group, a distinguished United States-based corporation.

Our company boasts a team of highly skilled engineers, each with extensive experience across various engineering disciplines. This collective expertise empowers us to be exceptionally responsive to our customers' needs and concerns. Whether it's designing cutting-edge solutions or tackling complex challenges, our versatility knows no bounds.

With a wealth of knowledge accumulated over many years, we confidently apply our skills to a wide array of projects. We are committed to serving our valued customers, and we appreciate the trust you place in us.


Company Milestones

     ² 1954             KSS Company was founded.

     ² 1978             The first KSS Loadout was commissioned.

     ² 1991             The first KSS Loadout system was introduced into China market.

     ² 2004            The wholly owned foreign enterprise KRS Company was founded in China.

     ² 2004             The first TBS was introduced into China market.

     ² 2008             The first Bivitec High G-force Screen was introduced into China market.  

     ² 2014             The first Intelligent Dry Sorter was introduced into China market.


Prospects Future 

For many years KSS/KSS has engineered solutions to process and handle the world’s resources-with a spirit of innovation a dedication to quality and a skill for management.


Today we recognized as an international leader in conceptual engineering design, process engineering, and systems engineering. Future industry challenges will be overcome at KRS by our thorough understanding of yesterday’s successes and tomorrow’s innovative solutions. The experience of our people, our understanding of the diverse characteristics of the world’s coal, and our willingness to embrace the latest technologies from computer aided design to engaging the power of the internet have positioned KRS to maintain its leadership through the 21st century.


Our vision of the service we provide our clients is the driving force, which compels us to continue to develop innovative solutions to the challenges that will contribute to the coal industry’s success of the future.





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