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Bivitec Screen
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KRS-Bivitec Screen


High G-Force (up to 50 g’s) 

Dry screening raw coal down to 3mm, drive speed is 800rpm

² Principle of Operation


The special feature of this screen is the dual vibration principle. With the aid of resonance, one drive provides two vibration movements that is a fundamental oscillation (rotating eccentric) and an overlaid vibration (floating deck). In this process, the screen panel continues expanding and contracting (over 800 times per minute) so achieve a high acceleration rates (up to 50 g) and prevent the screen panel openings from plugging. 



² Applications

There are over 300 Bivitec screens currently dry screening coal at coal mines and steel mills in China, India, South Africa, Korea & Western Europe at cut points down to 3mm. There are over 2000 Bivitec screens currently operating worldwide in mines, rock quarries, steel mills, cement plants etc.- screening sand, aggregates, iron ore, limestone etc.

² Features

Ø  Bivitec polyurethane screen panels are a special design which have a long service life.

Ø   The drive speed is 800rpm, the acceleration to the material can be up to 50g.

Ø   Screen mats are fixed without screws guarantees a gentle screening as well as a fast change.

Ø   Ox-horn design insures no wear of the side plates and no misplaced material in 

     the underflow.

Ø   No need to clean the screen mats after shut down due to its good self-cleaning ability.

Ø   The machine is seated on hollow springs made of rubber cause little noise and provide a high service life.

Ø   Floating deck stroke is adjustable from 12 to 18mm.

Ø   G-Force adjustable from 10-50 g’s .

Ø   The cut point down to 3mm for coal or 0.2mm for other application.

  Ø  Less moving parts, high reliability, low maintenance, high availability.



² Machine Data

    Ø Screen widths, fully usable from 400mm to 3600mm;

    Ø Screen lengths, fully usable from 2m to 12mm;

    Ø  Machine weights from 1 ton to 25 tons;

    Ø  Driving power from 2kw to 55kw;

 Ø   Screen inclination from 5 degrees to 22 degrees;

 Ø   Single deck screens, double deck screens or triple deck;





² Steam Coal Plant Typical Flowsheet


 Ø   Higher Calorific Value Product                Ø Higher Plant Yield

 Ø  Lower water consumption                        Ø Lower Plant energy requirement

 Ø  Eliminates Thermal dryers                       Ø Reduces dewatering equipment loading by 95%

 Ø  Very reliable and very low maintenance & operating cost

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